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2005 DVD - Hot Jazz Meeting | Addi Münster's Old Merrytale Jazzband

2005 DVD - Hot Jazz Meeting

1. Hot Jazz Meeting
25 Years Old Merry Tale Jazzband

In January 2005, a special chapter in Jazz History was published on DVD: the first Hot Jazz Meeting at the Hamburg Congress Center (CCH) in 1981, featuring the Old Merry Tale Jazzband which was then celebrating its 25th birthday.

This concert marked the beginning of a successful series of Hot Jazz Meetings in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich and Berlin during the following years. These concerts, promoted by the agency of Karsten Jahnke in Hamburg, have since become a must for every serious Oldtime Jazz fan.

The anniversary concert was originally recorded and aired by the NDR-TV station 26 years ago. In addition to the OMTJ, many old friends like Monty Sunshine, Humphrey Littleton, the Pete York All Stars, Champion Jack Dupree, Ken Colyer, Roy Williams and others can be seen and heard on the DVD.