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Jost (Addi) Münster - trombone

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Jost Münster ("Addi") was originally born on the East-German island of Usedom, but he later grew up in Hamburg like most of his fellow musicians. It was a concert by Jimmy Archer and his Riverboat Five at the Ernst-Merck-Halle in Hamburg in 1952, that made the then 17-year-old Jost play Traditional Jazz for the rest of his life.

Around the same time he met Gerhard Vohwinkel who introduced Addi, as he was soon called, to the Old Merry Tale Jazzband who was looking for a trombonist. Only a year later, in 1958, he assumed the management of the band.

Jost never gave up his main profession as a tax consultant and still today plays as an amateur musician. But during the period 1960 to 1962, when the OMTJ produced its greatest hits, had regular monthly engagements all over Germany and went on several European tours, he devoted all of his energy and time to the band.

The experience of these two intensive and successful years still provides Jost with a basis for the professional management of the band. In 1985, Jost formed his own branch of the OMTJ under the name of Addi Münsters Old Merry Tale Jazzband.