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Lorenz Boesche - piano

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email: lorenzboesche(at)

Lorenz was born in 1959. He began to learn various instruments at age 6 and played his first Blues and Boogie Woogie tunes on the piano when he was twelve years old. During his high-school years, he performed regularly with a Jazzrock group from Hamburg.

From 1980 through 1982, Lorenz studied Jazz at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. After his return to Hamburg, he started to work as an independent musician with artists like Herb Geller, Gerry Brown, Lukas Lindholm, James Moody, Roy Williams and Romy Camerun, and he formed his own Blue Time Jazz Trio with whom he recorded several CDs.

In addition to many live concerts, Lorenz could also be heard on the radio, for example in the NDR-3 show "Nordzeit".

Lorenz is know for his ability to adapt to various styles of music and to feel his way into the most diverse bands which makes him valuable both as a soloist and a side man. He is a co-founder and shareholder in the Hamburg School of Music where he teaches Piano to kids and adults.