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Reiner Regel - saxophone and clarinet

Reiner Regel - saxophone and clarinet

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Reiner Regel joined the newly formed OMTJ in 1985. His influence on the sound and the quality of the group can be recognized to this day. Reiner was born and raised n Hamburg where he began to play both clarinet and saxophone at the age of 12.

After finishing highschool he studied music at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Hamburg. In 1975, Reiner published his first solo record "Clarinet Special" which resulted in the formation of his first group Reed`s & Rhythm. With this band, later renamed Airmail, Reiner went on tour in Germany and Europe. At the same time, Reiner started his cooperaton with Knut Kiesewetter and Meyers Dampfkapelle, and later with the Rentnerband.

The album "Gettin´ Airmail", published in 1983, features solely Reiner´s own compositions. According to his critics, he is one of a few European Jazz musicians who can sound like their black counterparts abroad. In addition to many life performances and CD-productions with Udo Lindenberg, Europäische Top Eight, Bill Ramsey, Hannes Wader, Inga Rumpf and others, Reiner staged in various TV and Film productions, including the famous German crime series "Tatort" and the movie hit "Männerpension".

Over the last years, he worked intensively with Gottfried Böttger with whom he recorded the CD "Reedin´ Piano". Reiner?s play is said to cover a broad musical spectrum, which for many years he is now also teaching to his many students.