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Larry Bartels - bass | Addi Münster's Old Merrytale Jazzband

Larry Bartels - bass

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Larry began his professional musical career at the age of 20. After appearances with various North German jazz, rock and soul formations and a subsequent tour of Africa with experienced German jazz musicians, he was engaged in Switzerland with guitarist Pierre Cavalli. During this time he realized several studio productions and performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

In 1984 he founded the Larry Mondello Quartet in Hamburg, which made a name for itself in the new jazz scene with its idiosyncratic adaptation of jazz standards.

Larry has been a member of Addi Münster's Old Merrytale Jazz Band since 1985, with which he has so far completed 7 CD and record productions as well as various television appearances and concerts in Germany and abroad and worked with international jazz greats.

In 2002, together with Gero Weiland and other professionals, he founded the big band "SwingING" at the Technical University of Hamburg. The second CD production with Hayati Kafe as the vocal soloist was released in 2017.

In 2005 he founded the „Ben Hansen Larry Bartels Quintett“ and released the live produktion „Sonority“ featuring some of Germany´s best jazz musicians.

In 2012 he replaced the bass player in the blues trio "The Blooze", whose CD he produced in 1999. This trio is well known for their extravagant Jimi Hendrix interpretations.

In 2015 he produced the Lennart Axelsson CD "All The Things You Are", which was nominated for the Echo Jazz in 2016. where he was involved as a musician, producer and sound engineer.

Since 1976 Larry has worked with the following musicians:
Jose Gallardo, Benny Waters, Scott Hamilton, James Moody, Pete York,Lennart Axelsson, Les McCan, Pierre Cavalli, Audrey Motaung, Bill Ramsey, Peter Petrel, Pony Poindexter, Roy Williams, Herb Geller, Bobby Shew, Bud Wächter, Champion Jack Dupree, Peter Weniger, Jens Langbein, Nancy Wood, Nils Tuxen, Peter Caulton, Jan Harrington, Udo Lindenberg, Johannes Oerding, Jan Delay, Frequencia Mod, Patricia Salas and many more.

He can now be heard as a bass player on over 30 studio productions.
Today Larry is not only a musician but also very successful as a sound engineer and producer of various studio productions